From the Pond

dr. seuss icicles

By the beginning of February, whether life remained in the pond was in doubt… Dr. Seuss seemed to have move in to build a new village. The icicles, or more accurately stalagmites, growing up from the pond have an truly awesome whimsical look. But by the middle of March, the ice had melted and shockingly… Continue Reading

Forest Edge

Forest Egde triptych

This sketch of a forest edge, with a glimpse of a river through the trees, inspired a transom window. The arched top triptych was installed above the front entry door. Even though the sketch is pretty small, the panel ends are quite narrow – the ends of the arch are even narrower at only 3… Continue Reading

Thinking Spring

Think Spring

Anyone that knows me, knows that pink is generally not my color, but this flowering crabapple tree is special. At first it was simply a response to the view out my client’s front door, and since I had to guess about the color because it wasn’t blooming, I went with pink. Turns out the tree… Continue Reading

Paper versus Technology

2015 calendar

I mentioned before that I signed up for a Bootcamp for artists. I must confess that after the first 6 weeks, I have already fallen behind. I could make up a lot of excuses, but the truth is that making some of the suggested changes scares me. Just deciding what is important sometimes leaves me… Continue Reading

Conundrums of a Catch-22

The Stream

It’s always a conundrum trying to decide whether to apply for a public art call. Virtually all of the requests for qualifications (RFQ’s) require the artist to have experience with public art installations, or at the very least commissions that are of a similar monetary value. Considering most of these calls are for artwork installations… Continue Reading