Birds on a Wire

Afternoon Attitude

This series began last fall with “Fly”, with the idea of creating some very abstract renditions of birds in flight and hanging out on power lines. Copper power lines in the form of tubing and copper channel, with a very understated cinnamon Baroque swirl glass flowing through the background. I added three more pieces to… Continue Reading

Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons 2

Seasonal inspiration has long been a focus of mine, and I particularly love the representing the changing seasons. This is now the third group in this series. Changing Seasons I and II will be at the Plum Bottom Gallery, and series III is currently available in the studio. These pieces were based on a series of… Continue Reading

Shows, not Showers.

Changing Seasons 2

It has been a tremendously busy month for me. Both in the studio and with shows – I am not one of those artists that does a show every weekend, or every other weekend all summer long. So having two shows in one month, plus one more coming up in a couple weeks (Art-A-Whirl) on… Continue Reading

I like it, BUT…

Turning Maples

I like it, but… the colors are not quite right. Can you make one with (insert colors here that match my decor better) and maybe a little smaller (or bigger, or longer, or wider, or narrower)? The piece they really, really liked was Winter Blue, and could a I make a piece with that composition… Continue Reading

From the Pond

dr. seuss icicles

By the beginning of February, whether life remained in the pond was in doubt… Dr. Seuss seemed to have move in to build a new village. The icicles, or more accurately stalagmites, growing up from the pond have an truly awesome whimsical look. But by the middle of March, the ice had melted and shockingly… Continue Reading