Fire Me Up!

the NEW Kiln, a Paragon-CS19S

So I am taking the plunge, and launching a crowd-funding campaign. What’s the plan? Well, the studio needs some better electricity and a new kiln, so I’m offering rewards to help me fund the infrastructure. Want to help? Currently my 396 square foot studio has a tiny baby kiln, and if you have been following… Continue Reading

Adding New Artwork

City Dance triptych

I have a show at the Westfields Hospital in New Richmond, WI that starts next week (more details here), and as I was compiling the inventory list to submit, I realized that of the 7 pieces I was showing, 5 of them had never been uploaded to the website! The City Dance triptych is based on… Continue Reading

Please, take some Photos!

Photo taken by Garrett Bartholme.

People are always taking photos of artists’ artwork. And at a show, most people never ask if it is OK – which is pretty annoying most of the time. But in this digital age of cellphones and social media sharing, it is inevitable… I am just as guilty as the next person (but I always… Continue Reading

Studio Greeting Cards

2014 calendar

Studio Greeting Cards, plus a Calendar! Fall is in the air, and you know what that means… the Holidays are almost here! In the studio this year, that means that I have been busy designing a new series of greeting cards and a special 2014 Desktop Calendar in a CD case – all featuring art glass images…. Continue Reading

But it Doesn’t Match My Sofa!

This pair of windows coordinates with the interior, but they weren't designed to match. And actually, the right hand panel was designed to hide the deck railing just outside with the lower 'branches'.

Does this match my sofa? Well, no, but you will have the artwork a lot longer than you have the sofa, so is that really important? And contrast is good, which in designer speak is called ‘accent colors’, so go ahead, buy that painting, pottery, art glass that you love… it truly will compliment your… Continue Reading