Studio Greeting Cards

2014 calendar

Studio Greeting Cards, plus a Calendar! Fall is in the air, and you know what that means… the Holidays are almost here! In the studio this year, that means that I have been busy designing a new series of greeting cards and a special 2014 Desktop Calendar in a CD case – all featuring art glass images. […]

But it Doesn’t Match My Sofa!

This pair of windows coordinates with the interior, but they weren't designed to match. And actually, the right hand panel was designed to hide the deck railing just outside with the lower 'branches'.

Does this match my sofa? Well, no, but you will have the artwork a lot longer than you have the sofa, so is that really important? And contrast is good, which in designer speak is called ‘accent colors’, so go ahead, buy that painting, pottery, art glass that you love… it truly will compliment your […]

Watercolor Sketches


Some artists cannot talk without sketching, like my friend Tracie Thompson. I have never really been a doodler, but I was one of those kids always drawing horses instead of doing my homework as kid. So with inspiration from Tracie, I have been making an effort to explore the artiste part of my psyche by […]

Marketing, Goals, Mosquitoes, oh My!

While this photo was taken a few years ago on Madeline island, it is still a potential window... and I forgot my camera, so new photos are not an option at this time.

Retreat to the woods Hiding out this week in the Wisconsin north woods… the Heartwood Conference Center just out side Minong to be specific. Beautiful setting, quiet in terms of people and traffic but very melodic with birds and frogs where you can sleep with the patio doors open all night long and wake to […]

Memorial Day Memories

Charlie's last kiss

We all have lost a loved one or we all will some day, and Memorial Day is dedicated to the remembrance of those who have passed. It has been many years since I lost my grandmother – I was only 9 – yet she had a huge impact on my as yet short life. She […]