Off to Door County

Pedestals with windows at the Plum Bottom Gallery.

Back in April at the ACC Show I met the owner of the Plum Bottom Gallery. He bought a good number of panels wholesale to sell in his gallery located in Egg Harbor, Door County, WI. A typical gallery will sell an artists work on a consignment contract. All that means is that they take… Continue Reading

Skyline Reflections: Portland

Skyline Reflections - crated and bound for Portland, Oregon.

Skyline Reflections – Portland Initially inspired by my City Dance piece, the Portland skyline evolved into a reflection of the stormy evening sky (the glass color is actually called ‘Thunderhead’) and city lights in the Willamette River. The deep, dramatic colors balance the bevels in the buildings. We also talked about incorporating some fun silhouettes into… Continue Reading

Cleaning and Organizing, part two

COE storage and organization before and after.

Aaaahhhh, I spent most of a weekend plus a good chunk of that following week working in the studio last month, but of course I was moving glass containers around, stacking extra pieces here and there, ripping off shelves, running to Home Depot, adding new shelves, and in general trying to figure out how everything was going… Continue Reading

SGAA Conference 2015 – Portland

Beyond the Stars (c) Josephine A. Geiger, J.A. Geiger Studio

Stained Glass Association of America Conference… AKA: meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. This year the conference for me was way better than last. Sure, last year I won an award, but I didn’t know anyone, and since I was so nervous about meeting so many new people that knew way more about glass… Continue Reading

Arise installed

Arise, triptych installed (c)2015

A few months ago, I sold Arise to a wonderful woman, but she still had a problem; she had three windows. So we worked out a plan where I would make two more pieces to match Arise. We decided that these flanking pieces would be vertical instead of horizontal to add a bit of interest… Continue Reading