spring studio cleanup

2015 spring studio cleanup

Art Crawl is done for the spring. It was an excellent weekend. On top of meeting all the new people, reconnecting with current people and making new friends (all fun aspects of an open studio), one of my favorite and least favorite aspects of Crawl is cleaning out the studio. I love spending an entire day puttering around the studio, putting things back in place, figuring out new storage methods, realizing that new storage solutions need to be found, and organizing in general. All of this would not be nearly so much fun without an end date and specific goal: like the Art Crawl. Not that most of us love cleaning – it’s dirty, sweaty, messy, and you never seem to have enough time to get it ALL done, but the satisfaction when you get close is pretty nice.

{and I have to confess – I have a secret love for organizing books and containers – not that I am super organized, nor is everything always in place or even has a place, I just like to pretend I’m organized sometimes}

The new project I identified during this crawl cleanup and organizing putter is to figure out some storage solutions for the COE 90 glass (snowflake glass). The current iteration is plastic sandwich containers stacked and nested together. For a first attempt, this worked all right. Now it has become a nightmare trying to find the right color, size, or space to put them. And with the new kiln, this has become a definite need to get done ASAP task with a long term solution. But I’ve got some ideas…

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