Lunchtime Social - Flock of Idiots

Lunchtime Social {AKA: Flock of Idiots}

This series began last fall with “Fly”, with the idea of creating some very abstract renditions of birds in flight and hanging out on power lines. Copper power lines in the form of tubing and copper channel, with a very understated cinnamon Baroque swirl glass flowing through the background.

Morning Gossip (already SOLD!)

Morning Gossip (already SOLD!)

I added three more pieces to the series this spring with Morning Gossip, Lunchtime Social {AKA: Flock of Idiots}, and Afternoon Attitude.

Morning Gossip: the 3 pairs of bevels all seem to be having a gossipy little chat about the lone signature bird off to the left.

Lunchtime Social {AKA: Flock os Idiots}: really, really wanted to be titled with AKA, but I had to maintain a little bit of decorum. I couldn’t resist adding it as a sub-title though. Feel free to make up your own stories here!

Afternoon Attitude

Afternoon Attitude with some raspberry tea.

Afternoon Attitude: the red squares mixed in with the bevels strike a bit of attitude, and a theme had developed around mealtime gatherings, so now we have some attitude around the afternoon tea.

I have been having some fun with them, and so have my guests – this image was taken this weekend at Art-A-Whirl by Paul Stearns, “Woman with Afternoon Attitude.” The title came about because I had sent him the wrong information! But I think it makes a wonderful title for his photo – “Woman with a Flock of Idiots” just doesn’t have quite the same panache…

Woman with an Afternoon Attitude, taken by Paul Stearns

Woman with an Afternoon Attitude, taken by Paul Stearns