I like it, but… the colors are not quite right. Can you make one with (insert colors here that match my decor better) and maybe a little smaller (or bigger, or longer, or wider, or narrower)?

Winter BlueThe piece they really, really liked was Winter Blue, and could a I make a piece with that composition in colors that would match their home better?Turning Maples

Of course! That is the prime definition of a commission. But it will be different, since I don’t work from patterns – even trying to recreate the composition will result in a completely new window. Turning Maples is similar compositionally to Winter Blue, but (obviously) the color palette is very different. And the pieces and their arrangement is not identical.

Though some iterations are closer than others, like Maple Birchwood (from 2011) and Fire Birch finished last week. Fire Birch was commissioned to hang in the designer showcase at the 2015 Saint Paul ACC Show, and is be available for purchase. Here the color palette is virtually identical, and the composition is very similar, but the pieces are closely related are still different.

Fire Birch comparison

Maple Birchwood (left) was the inspiration for Fire Birch (right). Fire Birch will be shown at the ACC Saint Paul Show in the designer showcase “FIRE”.