WHY?some last chance windows

OK, a lot of people have asked why I am doing this. Well, that is not so simple to answer. Yes, I would rather sell my work, not smash it, but these pieces are of a style I have been letting go for a few years now. Don’t misunderstand – I love the artwork. There is nothing wrong with them (well one of them has some broken glass) and they are perfect for someone out there which is why I am giving you a Last Chance. But …

The reason for the CASH or SMASH is both mental and physical. Mentally I need to do this. Psychologically speaking, just tucking them away in the corner won’t work. I will still know they are there, and that will always be in the back of my mind. Giving them away to a charity seems a little slimy (like, oh, so you want to give away your “leftovers”), and then there is the marketing aspect that you always want to donate work that is current and part of your brand identity. Giving you a last chance to take one home to love is about respecting the work I have done, rather like a final goodbye. It will be cathartic to smash these chosen pieces and fully open wide the door to move on to the next level in my artwork.

The physical act of smashing this work will mentally free me from thinking about it while working on new pieces. Sometimes you forcibly need to let go in order to move on to the next phase, which for me is about exploring more with the copper mesh and looking at other mixed media integrated with my Landscape Mosaics. The smashed pieces will be completely taken apart and as a secondary benefit all of the lead will be recycled (not to mention the law in regards to the lead) – it is the green thing to do ;-). Physically removing this work from my inventory will open up new space in the studio and in my head.

And really, the smashing will be FUN!