2016 SGAA Alice Millar

Alice Millar Chapel

I wrote this from a hotel room in Chicago. Yup, the windy city, and only a couple blocks from Lake Michigan. Why? Because I attended the annual Stained Glass Association of America’s conference – the SGAA for short – and Oh. My. Gosh.

I listened to my colleagues give talks on business issues like working your art into your work, copyright infringements, and stolen property; new LED lighting specifically for stained glass; silver stains (exactly what they sound like); the diverse and varied history of American art glass and how it was so influential to Europe in the last century; how mouth-blown sheet glass is made to order in Germany (totally cool!!!); restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright art glass; restoration techniques and stonework issues; discussions on the EPA and how this could, has, and will affect the art glass industry; visual tours of various projects being fabricated and those that have been restored; and a moving tribute to glass artisans that have recently passed. That was only in the first 2 days.

Friday I went on walking tour. Wow. Of course my phone died after taking the first photo, but I got one image from the Alice Millar Chapel at Northwestern University. These windows along the east side of the chapel (above) represent the world in which the university does its work: arts (not pictured), literature, discovery, law, and healing as they progress towards the pulpit. The west side windows depict commerce, space, communication, the state, and races of humanity. The chancel window in the front of the chapel celebrates the creation, redemption, and triumph. I wish I could have taken more photos…