When I look for images that spark my creative energy, other people sometimes look me like I’m crazy. The most boring piece may appeal to me because I can “see” the glass and visualize what I want to make. Sometimes it is the color combinations, or it could be the flow of the composition, or a dynamic slash of color.

2015 birch inspiration images

Ah, birch and aspens. I have a love-hate relationship with these trees. The negative side is simply the sheer number of them, because yes I do have that artist temperament and get bored… On the plus side, I truly love the almost endless possibilities in interpreting them; photos, watercolor sketches, and ultimately into glass.

2015 night sky inspiration images

The color palette of the night sky has so much depth and range – seriously, I can’t wait to start cutting glass for some of these. The serene glow of the moon to the undulating colors of the northern lights to the explosions of galaxies to infinity and beyond!

2015 water inspiration images

What is it about water? The depth of the blue, the sparkle of the sunlight on the crest of the wave, the power of the surf crashing against the shoreline, and then the contrast of the calm water shimmering on the lake. There is just something about water.

2015 trees inspiration images

Trees! I love trees, and these images are my current favorites. Some are going to become part of the Copper Tree series (I’m sure you can guess which ones) and some will become abstract compositions of color and motion.